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TriaChem (T) Ltd was incorporated in Tanzania in August 1993 making us one of the oldest independent agrochemical distributors in Tanzania.
We supply the best Crop protection Chemicals, Fetilisers, Seeds and Crop Nutrients from Bayer, Chemtura, Dow Agro, Hygrotech, Yara, Syngenta, Yara Vita(formerely Phosyn) range of products.

Seed Dressing









Products Active Ingredient Disease Leaflet
Apron Star 42 S Thiamethoxam Mefenoxam Difenoconazole Downey Mildew, Damping off Whiteflies, Aphids, Leafhoppers Bean fly
Anchor FS Carboxin + Thiram Seed and Soil Borne Diseases
Dividend 030 FS Difenoconazole Seed borne diseases
Cruiser Thiamethoxam Aphids, Wireworms
Gaucho Imidacloprid Russian Wheat Aphid, Aphids Leafhoppers, MSV,Beanfly
Maxim XL 035FS Fludioxonil & Metalaxyl M Soil Borne Diseases in Maize
Messenger ST Harpin Protien Nutrients for Growth
Raxil Super Tebuconazole, Triazoxide, Imidacloprid Soil and Seed borne fungi, Aphids Coming
Royalnex Chlorypirifos Maize-Soilborne & Early insects-wireworms cutworms, charfer grub, termites, leaf hopper Beans-soil borne, termites, beanseed fly early season insects

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