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TriaChem (T) Ltd was incorporated in Tanzania in August 1993 making us one of the oldest independent agrochemical distributors in Tanzania.
We supply the best Crop protection Chemicals, Fetilisers, Seeds and Crop Nutrients from Bayer, Chemtura, Dow Agro, Hygrotech, Yara, Syngenta, Yara Vita(formerely Phosyn) range of products.










Products Active Ingredient Weeds Leaflet
2,4-d Amine Dichlorophenoxy Perennials & Annuals
Ariane Fluroxypyr + Chlorpyrlid + MCPA wide range of broad-leaved
weeds including cleavers, knotweed, black night shade, black bind weed, mallow, pigweed, and yellow daisy
Buctril MC Bromoxynil + MCPA Black Jack Chinese Lantern, Fat Hen Knotgrass, Mayweeds Mexican Marigold, Mallow
Dual Gold 960 EC Metolachlor Wide range of grasses & some broadleaves
Farmuron Linuron Pre & Post Emergence Weeds
Fusilade Forte Fluazifop-P-butyl Grass weeds
Gallant Super Haloxyfop-R Methyl Ester Control of Annual & Perennial Grasses , Sugar Cane Ripener.
Galigan 240 EC Oxyflourfen Pre and Post Emergence Broad Leaf and Grasses
Glean 75 DF Chlorsulfuron Broad spectrum post emergence for Broad Leaf weed and Grasses in Barley and Wheat
Granstar 75DF Tribunuron Methyl Broad spectrum post emergence for Broad Leaf weed in Barley and Wheat
Gramoxone Paraquat Broad Spectrum
Hussar 50 WG Iodosulfuron & Mefenpyr-diethyl Grasses & Dicot weeds
Hyvar X 80WP Bromacil Annual Grass, Broad Leaf, Perennials
Krismat 75WG Trifloxysulfuron Sodium Ametryn and Related Products Grass weeds & Broad Leaf in Sugarcane
Lumax 537.5 SE Mesotrione, S-Metolachlor Terbuthylazine Grasses and BroadLeaf in Sugarcane & Maize
Limazine 250SE Alachlor+ Atazine Pre and Early Post Weed control in Maize and Sugar cane
Mamba 360 SL Glyphosate 360g/lt Broad Spectrum
Primagram Gold S-metolachlor, Atrazine weed control in maize, sugar cane, and sisal
Puma Komplete Iodosulfuron - methyl sodium, Fenoxaprop- p-ethyl & Mefenpyr-diethyl (Post emergence) Grasses, Broad leaf Sedges (Nut Grasses)
Roundup Glyphosate 360g/lt Broad Spectrum
Ralon Super Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl +Safener Mefenpyr-diethyl Annual Grasses Wheat, Barley and Rye
Satunil 60 EC Theobencarb, Propanil Broad Spectrum in Rice
Servian 75 WG + Complement

Halosulfuron & Methyl

(Post emergence)

Yellow & purple nutsedge Certain Broadleaves in Barley
Sekator OD 375

Amidosulfuron, Iodosulfuron-methyl sodium, Mefenpyr-diethyl

Black Jack,Knot Grass, Fat hen Black Nightshade, chickweed, Chinese Lantern, Devils Thorn, Double Thorn, Mexican Marigold, Pigweed, Gallant Soldier
Tiara 60 WG Flufenacet Foxtail,Couch grass, Rye grass Fat Hen, Mexican M, White Charlock, Double Thorn.
Sencor 480SC Metribuzin Broad Leaf and Grasses
Topik 080 EC Clodinafop-propargyl Cloquintocet Annual Grasses
Tordon 101 Picloram & 2,4-D Annual & Perennial broad leaves Bushes & Trees
Touchdown Forte Glyphosate-rimesium Perennials and Annuals
Triphosate 360SL Glyphosate Perennials and Annuals
Triachlor M S-Metalachlor Pre-Emergence Annual Grasses and Broad leaf weeds in Sugar cane and Green Beans.
Triatril MC Bromoxynil + MCPA Amaranthus, Black Jack Chinese Lantern, Fat Hen Knotgrass, Mayweeds Mexican Marigold, Mallow
Grassweed spotter from Bayer Crop Science UK __ Grass Spotter
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