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Our Company
TriaChem (T) Ltd was incorporated in Tanzania in August 1993 making us one of the oldest independent agrochemical distributors in Tanzania.
We supply the best Crop protection Chemicals, Fetilisers, Seeds and Crop Nutrients from Bayer, Chemtura, Dow Agro, Hygrotech, Yara, Syngenta, Yara Vita(formerely Phosyn) range of products.

Company Structure :
TriaChem (T) Ltd is based in Arusha in northern Tanzania where we have our offices and warehouse facility. We operate throughout Tanzania directly to end users reducing all extra costs. TriaChem is managed by Mr Adrian Moss who has wide experience both in African farming and sales.

We also have a team of Consultants with vast experience in Coffee and Sugarcane. Our key areas of strength lie with the larger commercial growers of cereals, beans, flowers etc. It is this market that we can add value to any supplier’s product range within Tanzania. Our policy is centered providing these customers with quality service/advice/products at a price that is competitive.

The Market :
Todays Agriculture is all about efficient use of crop inputs and greater farmer Profits. In the past 10years the Government of Tanzania has taken intiatives to encourage investors to invest in Tanzania especially in the core area of Agriculture.

The climate conditions are advantageous for establishing major Horticulture and Floriculture projects in Northern Tanzania. Also the fact that Arusha is very near to Nairobi which has been an major Hub for exporting and importing of all kinds of Produce.

Regions around Kilimanjaro and Arusha are very popular for Large Coffee & Tea Estates, Sugarcane, Seed Beans and Cereals. Barley is mostly grown by outgrowers for Tanzania Breweries Ltd.

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Herbicide Range :
Triphosate 360 SL / Touchdown Forte 480 g/Lt
Dual Gold 960 EC / Triachlor M
Krismat / Lumax 537.5 SE
Stickers and Wetters
NufilmP the all in one solution.

Plant Nutrients :
Zintrac 700 / Bortrac 150 / Nitrospray +

Other Information Websites :
www.syngenta.co.ke (Syngenta East Africa)
www.tankmix.com / www.yaravita.com (Yara Vita)
www.bayercropscience.com ( Bayer Crop Science)
www.wxmaps.org/pix/af.vv.html (Africa Climate Forecasts)
www.griculture.co.ke (Lachalan Kenya)
www.yr.no (Arusha Perception)
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